DECONE Authentication

Why Authenticate DECONE Products?

We have implemented the new authentication feature to reassure you that your product is a genuine and authentic product. Whilst, helping us to make sure our brand stays protected and supporting the artists who bring the brand to life.

Please note that your product/s will only be authenticated by registering it first.

What If My Product Isn’t Authenticated?

If your product was not able to be authenticated using our system, we recommend you attempt the process again, ensuring you follow each recommended steps outlined on the homepage.

If you are still unsuccessful at authenticating your product with us, this means your product is not a genuine DECONE product. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any reimbursement, guarantees or service in connection with counterfeit products nor do they come under statutory warranty.

If you have been unlucky in acquiring a counterfeit product, you should contact your purchase point / retailer for clarification. For more information, please contact our customer service team.

Can I Authenticate My Product More Than One Time?

Yes, you can authenticate your product as many times you want. A record of how many times the product has been authenticated will be shown upon validation.

Do I need to return the product with the authentication tag for returns and exchanges?

Yes, the authentication tag is counted as part of the order. For any returns and exchanges, please return the tag together with the product.

How long should I keep the authentication tag?

It's completely up to you! Or you may also throw away the authentication tag after the product has been authenticated or after the return and exchanges period (10 days from receiving your order).

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