We create industry-leading products with a laser focus on expansion and innovation.

DECONE was founded in 2018 when we realized you could and should expect more from your tech accessories. We’ve seen cases that are beautifully crafted but offer no protection, and cases that are perfectly protective but horribly ugly. We know we shouldn't settle for less.
In Jan 2020, we officially launched the first iPhone case to the market, and the latter has become more and more popular. Since then our product range has grown considerably and we have applied our design and engineering approach to more technical accessories.

Taking fashion as the leading factor, injecting trendy, simple, and atmospheric elements to give customers a new visual experience and application experience. Unique and perfect products create fun. We have our own professional design team, world-leading production technology, and critical and demanding quality standards to ensure that each of our products can be perfectly presented in the hands of users. We strive to make all the teams, distributors, and users of DECONE products work together to experience the exquisiteness and beauty of life!


We make relentlessly high quality products which have been over-engineered to solve real problems you face. Each product is designed to enhance your lifestyle by achieving three things. 


Limitless functionality means that all our products have multiple uses, solve all sorts of problems and create an expansive range of possibilities. Whether through magnetic design or mechanical construction, our products tangibly improve your life with their versatility.


All our products centre extreme performance at the core of their design. Whether they feature high-impact material for ultimate protection or intricately designed electronics for fast charging, our approach to over-engineering ensures that they’ll always perform as promised.


We know that style is as important as substance, and we firmly believe that you should have both. We aim to capture considered, timeless aesthetics that allow you to express your individuality with products that are just as unique as you are. 

It’s not simply that our products are protective, it’s not just our magnetic modular add-ons, it’s not even that they look good. Ultimately, it’s the combination of all three aspects of our ethos that make each and every item we make a DECONE product. By unifying functionality, performance and style, we create accessories that are versatile by nature and limitless in scope. 


We believe in the transformative power of aesthetics, innovation and technology. We’ve seen first-hand the impact that tech has on our lives, and we believe that you can and should expect more from the devices you use every day.

Our mission is to achieve the ultimate lifestyle, and if that's important to you, every experience is the ultimate. Whether your idea of adventure is reaching the summit of Mount Everest, or crossing the city in time for a 9 a.m. meeting, you deserve versatile accessories that will help you get there.

This is it.  

This is what it is to live without limits.


Sometimes the simplest design is often the hardest. But in this case, the DECONE's team didn't have to say it--we knew this is what we ultimately all wanted, regardless of how hard this was going to be. We spent many hours distilling designs down to their simplest forms. Hundreds of design concepts edited down to just a few directions.

Another challenge was to keep the brand feel spirited, fun, and energetic without making it feel too juvenile. We wanted to make sure we expressed DECONE’s energy, but also reference that it is tapped into fashion, culture and trends. That’s where the finesse comes in.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

DECONE provides a "30-day unconditional return or exchange" policy for all orders